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The Power of the Boutique Team [Study]

Agents seeking growth should consider starting or joining a boutique team

It’s becoming widely recognized that being on a real estate team is a smart path to increased production, better work/life balance, and professional growth.

Studies have shown that agents on teams transact 2x the sales volume of the average agent, and 76% of agents on teams say being on a team has increased their income.

What hasn’t been studied is how the success of agents boutique teams — teams that are not affiliated with traditional, big-box brokerage brands — compares to that of the average team agent.

To learn more, Side polled over 100 agents who either lead or are members of a boutique team. Here are some of the key results:

  • More agents on boutique teams (88%) report a positive or extremely positive experience than agents on teams in general (77%).
  • Agents on boutique teams are more likely to see the team as pivotal to their success than the average team agent (89% for boutique teams, compared to 72% for the average team agent).
  • Nearly every single agent surveyed (96%) reported earning higher income after joining a boutique team, compared with 76% of agents who reported higher income after joining a team in general.

The main takeaway? Boutique teams deliver extraordinary value to agents. If you are considering forming or joining a boutique team, the time to do so is now.

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