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Side’s Top 5 Resources of 2023

Counting Down the Content Agents Couldn’t Stop Consuming

In today’s competitive market, it’s never been more important to have the right resources on hand to help your business grow. To give you an advantage, we’re counting down the top five resources of 2023 that high-performing agents couldn’t stop consuming. Check them out and see how they can help set your business up for success in the year ahead.

Staying Stagnant is the Most Dangerous Thing – 1200x628 Blank

5. A Community of Top Agents

Meital Taub believes “staying stagnant is the most dangerous thing for business growth.” Hear why she decided to turn her $200M+ Laguna Beach team into her own company, Livel Real Estate.

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4. The Future of Real Estate Teams

Side co-founder and CEO Guy Gal and Side president Steve Capezza address one of the most significant problems facing real estate today — and how top-producing teams are solving it.

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Where-Are-People-Moving 2023

3. Where Are People Moving in 2023?

Help your clients make informed decisions (and boost your bottom line in the process) by leveraging the demographic and migration data in this in-depth report.

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2. How to Go Independent Without Operating a Brokerage

This Real Deal article highlights a major trend: top agents leaving their legacy brokerages to start their own companies (and hiring someone else to be their broker-of-record).

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And the No. 1 resource of 2023 for top agents is (🥁 drumroll, please) …

1. Top Agent Success Kit

This kit is designed to help you set your goals, put a strategy in place, be seen on socials, optimize your website and gain market share — regardless of today’s market conditions.

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