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Platform Growth Header Robert Yost Prime Real Estate - Folsom, CA
Robert Yost, Prime Real Estate - Folsom, CA


Reach New Heights

Predictably grow your company with a customized business plan, proven marketing strategies, and a recruiting team that sources qualified agents for you.

The results

Side partners consistently over-index the market and grow 44% YOY.

year over year

*Average production growth between years 1 & 2, 2017-2021.

Platform Growth Business Manager Anna Bellomo District Homes - Berkeley, CA
District Homes - Berkeley, CA

Dedicated Business Manager

Predictably grow.

Your business manager will work with you to develop a business plan designed to achieve your specific growth goals. They’ll dive deep into your business, make strategic recommendations, and help you stay on track.

My business manager is more than a backbone for my company. She identifies growth patterns in my forecasts and helps me attack items before they even happen. Along with that, she keeps my team at full strength and allows me to see a better view of my company.

Joey Bergandi, Founder, Velocity Realty

Platform Growth Associate Recruiting Team Kinoko - San Francisco, CA
Kinoko - San Francisco, CA

Recruiting Team

Recruit for your goals.

We’ll help you design a tailored recruiting profile and define your company’s unique value proposition. Then, our recruiting team will help source, vet, and onboard qualified real estate agents to join your company.

Platform Growth Marketing Plan Eddie Osullivan Elevation San Francisco, CA
Eddie O'Sullivan, Elevation Real Estate - San Francisco, CA

Growth Marketing

Generate more leads.

Leverage the tools in the Side Marketing Studio to design, build, and scale your marketing campaigns.

Platform Growth Business Dashboard Jessica McDermott, associate, House Real Estate - Sacramento, CA
Jessica McDermott, Associate, House Real Estate - Sacramento, CA

Business Dashboard

Know your numbers.

Get real-time, actionable insights through Side’s business dashboard. Identify your most productive lead sources, compare home prices, oversee your team’s progress, and more.

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