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Side isn’t for all agents; just the best agents. Agents like you. Explore the sections below to see what your Side partnership would entail and where it could take you.

Your Company

Why rent your business from a traditional brokerage when you can own it?

True Ownership

We believe the future of real estate is agent-owned. Break free from the confines of a big-box brokerage and experience the benefits of owning a company without the burdens of operating a brokerage.


Build a brand that stands out in a sea of sameness.

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Control the client and agent experience.

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Asset Value

Capture more of the value you already create.

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To learn more about what it would be like to own your own real estate company, click below.

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Your Side Team

Don’t know how to run a company? No problem. Your Side Team will guide you every step of the way.

Expert Support

Side’s Managing Broker of Florida Donnie Pingaro and Success Managers Javier Nunez-Jusino, Manny Solis, and Will Mudie are committed to understanding your unique needs and providing the guidance you need to succeed.

Donnie Pingaro and Paul Caparas at Side x Side 2024

Donnie, Javier, Manny, and Will will ensure that you:

  Stay compliant

  Run your business more efficiently than ever

  And reach incredible growth goals

No other brokerage offers the same level of expertise and service to support your entrepreneurship journey.

To talk shop with your Side Team and learn more about Side partnership, click below.

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Donnie’s Florida Market Insights

In 2023, the Florida real estate market showcased robust growth. We saw a 4.1% increase in home prices, reaching a median of $380,000, despite a 4.5% decline in homes sold and a slight uptick in median days on the market to 35 days.

My 2024 Florida market trends and predictions:

  • Florida will remain a top choice for relocation because of its job opportunities
  • We’ll see an anticipated increase in home sellers
  • Mortgage interest rates will stabilize after peaking in 2023
  • A growing number of homebuyers will be spurred by declining rates
  • Home prices in Florida will continue to rise
  • And we will see a notable increase in new home construction sales

As Florida remains a focal point for real estate activity, the year ahead promises dynamic shifts and strategic opportunities for all stakeholders in response to evolving economic and demographic factors. Read my full Florida Market Update.

Your Side Community

Grow with a one-of-a-kind community of company owners.

Independent but Never Alone

Going independent can feel isolating, but not when you’re part of the Side Community.

Side is the industry’s only national network made up of company owners who are collaborative, supportive and eager to learn from each other. It’s one of the main reasons agents partner with Side.

Meet Some of the Members of Your Florida Side Community

Exchange best practices with some of the Sunshine State’s top producers.

If you’d like to learn more about the Side Community or talk with any Side Community members from Florida, click below to let us know.

Learn More About Your Side Community

Your Potential

Achieve levels of success you thought were impossible.

Incredible Growth

You’re already at the top of your game. Just imagine what you could do with Side supporting you every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking to massively increase your production, add new members to your team, or expand your business beyond Florida (maybe even all three), we can help you achieve your goals.

Side partners consistently over-index the market and transact 5x more than the average agent*.

*based on NAR data 2022.


How do they do it?

Customized Growth Strategies

Your dedicated Side Team will provide you with guidance — from marketing strategies to recommendations on who to hire and when — to help you predictably grow and scale your business.

Download Your Business Planning Worksheet

Robust Marketing Tools

Generate more leads with a striking Luxury Presence website, Follow Up Boss CRM system, automated email marketing features, listing presentation tools, and more — all included with your Side partnership.

Networking with Top Agents

Mastermind with local and national agents who are at the top of their games and are eager to share their best practices and referrals with you.

In our first year, we almost grew 400%. It was ridiculous. This year, I’ve sold more multimillion-dollar homes than I ever have. I’ve gone from a team of three agents to 20 agents within a very short period of time.

Darren Dowling

Founder, Beyond Realty
Sarasota, Florida

Achieve More with Side by Your Side

Why settle for less when you could achieve so much more with Side by your side? With control over the agent and client experiences, guidance from a dedicated team of experts and support from fellow agent-entrepreneurs, your growth potential is limitless.

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we can help you realize your full potential.

Let’s Discover Your Potential

Thank You

When you partner with Side, you don’t work for us — we work for you. Instead of joining someone else’s company, you’re hiring a team of experts to help you run your own. It’s a new way of doing things, but one that has driven incredible results for hundreds of market-leading agents. I hope you’ll consider reaching out to learn more about what partnering with Side could mean for your future.

Stephen Capezza
President, Side