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Kevin Cruz left his family in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States with $300 in his pocket. Now he owns Kinetic Real Estate, a $320M+/year real estate company.

How did he do it? By putting people first.

When he launched Kinetic on the Side platform in 2020, they were a 4-person team. By focusing on helping people — both clients and agents — they’ve grown Kinetic to 60 team members and helped 355 families purchase homes last year.

“Now [we] have all these people and [we’re] changing people’s lives and making an impact on the community.”
– Kevin Cruz, Founder, Kinetic Real Estate.

Kevin says he would never have been able to achieve this at a traditional brokerage. “It’s the culture of collaboration …. It feels great giving opportunities to the people around me,” he says.

And his agents appreciate being on the receiving end of those opportunities.

Associate Giovani Franco says, “I can be myself. [Kinetic] allows me to be around other people who are like-minded and are about growth.” Agent Michael Lim says, “They can see the potential that I have that I can’t see in myself.”

Kevin is humbled by and grateful for the camaraderie that has become the culture at Kinetic. “Appreciate the people around you because, without those people, you wouldn’t be where you’re at.”

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