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Technology's Proper Place in Real Estate

Michael Silva, a Side partner agent and the Founder of Happen Houston, shares how and why technology plays such a critical role in his long-term growth strategy. He says “Technology offers a lot of upsides; there are things you could be doing better or faster or things that you’re not doing at all but you could do.” Silva also details what top producing agents should look for in an ideal technology partner, and explains why Side fits the bill.

About Side

Side is the only real estate brokerage platform that exclusively partners with the very best agents, teams and independent brokers to create and grow their own companies — without the time, cost or risk of operating a brokerage. Unlike traditional brokerage brands, Side works behind the scenes to provide our partners with time-saving technology and premier support services. This way, they’re free to focus on what matters most: serving their clients and communities.

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