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PartnerUp Coaching enables real estate professionals to level up by tapping into the specialized knowledge and experience of industry-leading members of the exclusive Side Community.

Our Coaches

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Anthony Marguleas

Founder of Amalfi Estates
Focus: Scaling Your Boutique Team; Breaking Into the Luxury Market

Preview Session: Tuesday, 7/16 @ 11:30am PST


Danielle Lazier

Danielle Lazier

Founder of Vivre Real Estate
Focus: Buyer Broker Crash Course; Stress-Less Sales Training

Preview Session: Wednesday, 7/17 @ 11:30am PST


Zaid Hanna

Founder of Real Estate 38
Focus: Profit Powerhouse: Strategies for Maximizing Profit and Building a Successful Business

Preview Session: Thursday, 7/18 @ 11:30am PST


Kelli Griggs

Founder of Navigate Realty
Focus: Up-Leveling to a Top Listing Agent

Preview Session: Tuesday, 7/23 @ 11:30am PST


Mark Daya

Founder of Sac Platinum Realty
Focus: Maximize Your Real Estate Productivity

Preview Session: Wednesday, 7/24 @ 11:30am PST


Brett Jennings

Founder of Real Estate Experts
Focus: SCALE: Mindset, Vision, Strategy & Culture for Building Your Ultimate Company

Preview Session: Thursday, 7/25 @ 11:30am PST


Ed Barreto

Ed Barreto NEW

Founder of Level Up Real Estate Consulting / Managing Partner at Kinetic Real Estate
Focus: Top 1% Realtor Playbook

Preview Session: Tuesday, 7/30 @ 11:30am PST


Rica Ruiz

Rica Ruiz NEW

Founder at Meraki Real Estate
Focus: Elevate Your Practice: Build Efficiency, Transform your Business & Earn What You Deserve

Preview Session: Wednesday, 7/31 @ 11:30am PST


Brian Tran

Brian Tran NEW

Founder of Fifty Hills Real Estate
Focus: Rent to Riches

Preview Session: Thursday, 8/1 @ 11:30am PST


Guillean Arradaza

Guillean Arradaza NEW

Co-Founder at Kinetic Real Estate
Focus: Sales Agent Secrets: Basics to Brilliance

Preview Session: Friday, 8/2 @ 11:30am PST


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