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RealTrends America's Best 2023

Side is extraordinarily proud to share that 62% of all companies on our platform were named among America’s Best Real Estate Professionals by RealTrends. Congratulations to our partners, and thank you for choosing to build your company on the Side platform.

Side is the only real estate brokerage platform that exclusively partners with the very best agents, teams and independent brokers to create and grow their own companies — without the time, cost or risk of operating a brokerage.


See Who Made The Thousand

City Real Estate

America's Best

Mega Teams by Volume in CA #10
#21Mega Teams by Sides in CA

David Cohen, founder


San Francisco, CA

est. 2018

Mega Teams

Mega Teams consist of 21+ licensed agents who collectively closed at least 60 transactions or $24 million in volume.

City Real Estate San Francisco, CA David Cohen $540.5M 324
ROOM Real Estate Felton, CA Jayson Madani $461.5M 470
Kinetic Real Estate Daly City, CA Kevin Cruz $324.7M 353.7
House Real Estate Sacramento, CA Tim Collom $305.4M 333
Barbagelata Group @ BarbCo Real Estate San Francisco, CA Paul Barbagelata $269.6M 170
Momentum Realty San Jose, CA Mike Ramos $263.6M 295
Anvil Real Estate Laguna Hills, CA Dan Smith, Melody Smith $258.8M 314
Portfolio Real Estate Elk Grove, CA Judy Cuong, Samantha Tov $204.6M 350
Opt Lake Oswego, OR Drew Coleman $203M 366
The Avenue Home Collective San Diego, CA Melissa Sofia $198.7M 218
CitiQuest Properties Houston, TX Patrick Burbridge $184.9M 484
Revel Real Estate Los Angeles, CA Ben Bacal $151.2M 123
Energy Realty Houston, TX Sherry Campbell $143M 558
Ascend Real Estate San Francisco, CA Daniel Risman-Jones, Steven Huang $140.8M 93
Three Real Estate Charleston, SC Jason Wang, Nate Gainey, Christopher Smith $135.3M 248.5
Homestead Real Estate Napa, CA Susan Pujals, Jerry Pujals $133.6M 191
Prime Real Estate Folsom, CA Robert Yost $125.8M 193
All City Homes Sacramento, CA Roy Machado & Serina Lowden-Rush $122M 240
Reason Real Estate Newport Beach, CA Brandon Hobbs $105.7M 111
Aston Rose Sports + Entertainment Miami, FL Tomi Rose, Rob Hite $59.9M 56
Beyond Realty Sarasota, FL Darren Dowling, Wendy Dowling $50.4M 153
Liv Texas Houston, TX Danny Garcia $37.3M 148
The List Realty Gaithersburg, MD Meredith Fogle $31M 56

Everhome Real Estate

America's Best

Large Teams by Volume in CA #7
#4Large Teams by Sides in CA

Omar Murillo, co-founder

Nicole Causey, co-founder

Yvette Teng, co-founder


Fremont, CA

est. 2019

Large Teams

Large Teams consist of 11-20 licensed agents who collectively closed at least 60 transactions or $24 million in volume.

Everhome Real Estate Fremont, CA Nicole Causey, Omar Murillo, Yvette Teng $357.1M 286
OWN Real Estate Millbrae, CA Wilson Leung $209.7M 194
Mosaik Real Estate San Francisco, CA Michelle Kim $196.4M 173
District Homes Berkeley, CA Anna Bellomo $181.6M 180
Navigate Realty El Dorado Hills, CA Kelli Griggs $167.3M 275
Amalfi Estates Pacific Palisades, CA Anthony Marguleas $163M 74
Rainmaker Real Estate Los Altos, CA Alex Wang $147.2M 88
Block Change Real Estate San Jose, CA Brian Ng, Thao Dang $139.6M 66
Elation Real Estate Pleasanton, CA Gina Piper $127M 99
Raintown Realty Bellevue, WA Rob Ott $117.2M 186
Town Real Estate Danville, CA Stacy Hale, Jason Kerner $112.7M 78
Backbeat Homes Pasadena, CA Stephen Clark $111.8M 103
Times Real Estate California Newport Beach, CA George Charles Hanold, Regan Hanold Beegle $102.7M 66
Major League Properties Placentia/Yorba Linda, CA Matt Luke $101M 100
Mint Real Estate Irvine, CA Austin Glass, Bryan Hill $90.6M 100
Level Up Realty Napa, CA Nicole Solari $79.8M 152
Highland Premiere Real Estate Los Angeles, CA Dennis Hsii, Vivian Yoon $76.5M 53
Market Real Estate San Diego, CA Jeff Rosa $75M 83
Thrive Real Estate Folsom, CA Stephanie Noble $72.1M 110
METIS Real Estate San Jose, CA Wallace Chane $67.8M 55
Align Real Estate Orlando, FL Tiffany Pantozzi $65.1M 134
Fifty Hills Real Estate San Francisco, CA Alexander Jung Han, Brandon Tran, Brian Tran $63.5M 52
BLVD. Real Estate Walnut Creek, CA Joshua England $61.8M 82
Sac Platinum Realty Rancho Cordova, CA Mark Daya $59.6M 102
Ocean Blue Real Estate Half Moon Bay, CA David Oliphant $59.3M 54
Trust Real Estate San Bruno, CA Amy Kong, Tina C Wong $55.4M 52
NDA Real Estate Beverly Hills, CA Casey Napolitano $54.5M 37
SME Real Estate Fresno, CA Nader Assemi $52M 109
Ennoble Realty Murrieta, CA Ashley Aguilera $50.2M 78
Core Realty Collection Columbus, OH Misty Linn $48.4M 177
Aspire Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA Letty Vermeulen $45.9M 50
Heyler Realty Los Angeles, CA Jae Wu, Sean McMillan $41.5M 38
Truss Real Estate Houston, TX Christopher Phan $38.6M 104
Luxely Real Estate Houston, TX Jonathan Layton $37.5M 119
Loyal TX Properties Houston, TX Rick Treviño $28.7M 122
S.E.T. Real Estate* Tyler, TX Sissy Bellar $28M 105
Give2Give Realty Apple Valley, CA Dena Enborg $25.4M 68
Upside Real Estate Katy, TX Bob Christian $19.9M 78

*Launched on the Side platform in 2023.

Alexander Team at OFFICIAL

America's Best

Medium Teams by Volume in NY #1
#19Medium Teams by Sides in NY

Tal Alexander, co-founder

Oren Alexander, co-founder


New York, NY

est. at Side 2022

Medium Teams

Medium Teams consist of 6-10 licensed agents who collectively closed at least 60 transactions or $24 million in volume.

Alexander Team @ OFFICIAL New York, NY Tal Alexander, Oren Alexander $1394.4M 131
Own Marin Marin County, CA Barr Haney, Whitney Potter $363M 150
Livel Real Estate Laguna Beach, CA Meital Taub $266.4M 84
Stroyke Properties @ Bayside Real Estate Partners Manhattan Beach, CA Bryn Stroyke, Robb Stroyke $260.7M 67
Real Estate 38 San Jose, CA Zaid Hanna $231.7M 160
Frontgate Real Estate Hidden Hills, CA Jeff Biebuyck, Dana Olmes $222.4M 118
8 Blocks Real Estate Santa Clara, CA Mei Ling $192.4M 117
Generation Real Estate San Francisco, CA Lamisse Droubi $183.2M 80
Artemis Real Estate San Francisco, CA Arrian Binnings, Payton Stiewe, Sejal Binnings $175.8M 85
Outpost Real Estate San Francisco, CA Radhi Ahern, Scott Kalmbach $163.5M 58
Pacific Edge Real Estate San Francisco, CA Amy Clemens, Alec Mironov $159.3M 92
Kindred SF Homes San Francisco, CA Cynthia Cummins $131.6M 64
Brett Jennings Group @ Real Estate Experts Campbell, CA Brett Jennings $127M 79
Current Coastal Realty Fort Myers Beach, FL Alex King $124.2M 106
Onyx Wealth Realty San Jose, CA Nneka Jenkins $123.3M 120
Elevate Group Los Gatos, CA Jim Holt, Brad Le $121M 73
Willowmar Real Estate San Francisco, CA Kenny Gong, Connie Chung, Cliff Tsang $108.9M 75
Guide Real Estate San Carlos, CA Alex Lehr, Denise Lehr $105.6M 52
North Point Real Estate San Francisco, CA Mike Annunziata, Oggi Kashi, Laura Lanzone $103.2M 51
Asante Realty San Ramon, CA Rama Mehra $102.6M 58
Attain Real Estate Greenbrae, CA Erinn Millar, Mark Machado, Deirdre O’Brien, David O’Brien $100.1M 78
The Proper Nest Swampscott, MA Jude Toner, Melissa Weinand $91M 110
HAYLEN Real Estate Investments San Jose, CA Helen Chong $90.5M 60
Vandervort Group @ Veritas Homes San Carlos, CA Val Vandervort $88.3M 46
Harper Real Estate San Francisco, CA Anthony Navarro $86.1M 73
Bay Real Estate Group San Francisco, CA Michelle Balog $85.8M 86
BrightWork Realty Advocates Moraga, CA Ben Olsen $82M 58
Legacy Real Estate San Francisco, CA Jennifer Burden, Carren Shagley $79.3M 60
Aplomb Real Estate Houston, TX Rochelle Jones $78.8M 254
Kinoko Real Estate San Francisco, CA Kevin Gueco $77.4M 60
Front Porch Realty San Rafael, CA Janelle Fazackerley, Karen Robertson Strain, Yoko Kasai $76.7M 59
Marterra Real Estate Costa Mesa, CA Christine Morgan $76.2M 90
Kollab Real Estate San Jose, CA Aj Del Rosario, Mitch Del Rosario $72.7M 62
Nova Real Estate Oakland, CA Melody A Hultgren $64.3M 62
The Inside Network Davie, FL Alyssa Morgan $63.7M 9
Lodestone Real Estate Murrieta, CA Leah Lord $60.2M 107
Onyx Real Estate Sacramento, CA Darya Ghomeshi, Mela Fratarcangeli $59.2M 86
HELM Real Estate San Francisco, CA Marcus Miller $59.1M 42
Prosper Real Estate Brentwood, CA Mark Schweller, Heather Winham $57.6M 79
Echelon Real Estate Davis, CA Chad DeMasi $55.1M 83
Notch Luxury Properties Laguna Niguel, CA Brett Smith $51.7M 26
Extol Realty Group Monroe, GA Brad Echols $51.2M 132
Eleven Real Estate Fairfax, CA Danielle Salk $48.7M 31
Aethos Real Estate San Francisco, CA John Woodruff $47.6M 26
Probity Real Estate San Jose, CA Mike Magen $46M 25
Hero Real Estate Tracy, CA Donny Piwowarski $44.9M 79
Folsom Lake Realty El Dorado Hills, CA Amie Ferry, Mark Ferry $44.2M 61
The Collaborative Richmond, VA Alicia Soekawa $42.9M 106
Key Realty Concord, CA Melissa Lyster, Diane Ramirez $42.9M 63
Realm Real Estate Concord, CA Jacqueline Brown $42.4M 71
Signal Real Estate Braintree, MA Justin Rollo $42.3M 57
Why Realty Group Wendell, NC Valerie DeLoach, Joe DeLoach $40.1M 96
Clareo Real Estate Marietta, GA Deborah Morton $39.8M 96
Cochren Realty Team @ Just Listed Socal Canyon Lake, CA Misty Cochren, Stephen Cochren $39.5M 66
Cali Homes Shingle Springs, CA Callie Mirsky $39.4M 64
Real Estate Market Experts Dallas, TX Ramiro Morin, Steven Nieves $38.5M 117
Chez Realty Miami, FL Jose Medina, Dexter Brandao $37.7M 85
Hollywood Estates Los Angeles, CA Oliver Thornton, RC Thornton $37.4M 16
Shasta Living Real Estate Redding, CA Maria Jeantet, Chris Jeantet $33.5M 72
Monarch Real Estate Ladera Ranch, CA CaLee McManus $31.6M 22
Concept Fine Homes & Estates Westlake Village, CA Aileen Hampton Hagy, Jill Struck Kirby $31.4M 31
Dogwood Realty Jacksonville, FL Meshell Perry, Elaine Samaan $31.2M 84
Hello Florida Real Estate Lakeland, FL Alysia Cortes $30.4M 96
True Florida Real Estate Davie, FL Cinthia Ane McGreevy $30M 59
Agency One Real Estate Salinas, CA Sean Griffin $29.1M 31
Tampa Bay Key Real Estate Tampa, FL Corina Silva, Margarete Welter $28.2M 55
Forward Real Estate San Antonio, TX Tiffany L Stevens $28.2M 66
Velocity Realty La Mesa, CA Joey Bergandi $27.4M 41
True Story Realty Los Angeles, CA Carol Huston $26.5M 20
Upwell Realty Orlando, FL Kyle Madorin $26M 53
Reign West Collective San Diego, CA Miguel Contreras $25.6M 36
Distinct Concierge Real Estate Beverly Hills, CA Rod Watson $24.9M 9
Modyrn* Beverly Hills, CA Zachary Blum $24.5M -
Oz Realty Granbury, TX Eliza Knapp $21.4M 74
Brick Street Realty Corsicana, TX Denise Harper $19.9M 86
Center Real Estate El Paso, TX Luis Carlos Perez $19.6M 81
Concierge Properties Wellington, FL Adriana Fabbri-Kerns $19.3M 68

*Launched on the Side platform in 2023.

Silva & Co. Team at Happen Houston

America's Best

Small Teams by Volume in TX #105
#94Small Teams by Sides in TX

Michael Silva, founder


Houston, TX

est. 2019

Small Teams

Small Teams consist of 2-5 licensed agents who collectively closed at least 60 transactions or $24 million in volume.

Plus Real Estate Group @ OFFICIAL* West Hollywood, CA Tyrone McKillen $209.8M 18
SALA Homes Realty & Development San Jose, CA Sunnie Li $157M 101
Indigo Real Estate San Francisco, CA Declan Hickey, Mollie Poe $111M 48
Proof Real Estate San Francisco, CA Craig Ackerman $102M 92
Neighborhood Experts Real Estate Gig Harbor, WA Paige Schulte $101.7M 120
Alamere Real Estate Corte Madera, CA Alexander Narodny, Karin Narodny $90.9M 54
Finn Family Group @ Perennial Real Estate Takoma Park, MD Dan Metcalf, Marci Wasserman, Gali Sapir $88.5M 114.5
The Hobin Company @ Bayside Real Estate Partners Manhattan Beach, CA Molly Hobin Williams $85.1M 28
Atria Real Estate Sunnyvale, CA Kevin Swartz $84.5M 37
RF Real Estate Watsonville, CA Raeid Farhat $82.4M 83
RISE Homes San Mateo, CA Joe Polyak $81.9M 61
Coastal Abode Santa Rosa Beach, FL James Watts, Brad Hilderbrand $77.8M 33
Tim Little + Alexa Glockner Team @ Hedge Realty Petaluma, CA Alexa Glockner, Tim Little $76.1M 80
Team Howe @ Brava Real Estate San Francisco, CA Sherri Howe $75.7M 42
Sage Real Estate San Francisco, CA Brian Garrett $71.5M 35
Reveal Real Estate San Jose, CA Maria Nichols $71.2M 44
Vivre Real Estate San Francisco, CA Danielle Lazier $69.8M 41
Team Herr @ Private Real Estate Collection Cincinnati, OH Heather Herr $68.5M 157
Atlantic Waterfront Properties Delray Beach, FL Geoff Braboy, David Gunther $66.4M 35
Refined Real Estate Mountain House, CA Salah Salah, Paula Dahdah $66.4M 67
Vantage Realty* San Francisco, CA Mary Macpherson $64.7M -
Pacific Plains Realty Rancho Santa Fe, CA Jack Archie $63M 33
Morrison Group Tahoe @ Home and Slate Real Estate San Ramon, CA Christy Morrison $59.4M 52.5
Connect California Homes Pleasanton, CA Katie Moe $58.4M 31
Illuminate Properties Palo Alto, CA Patrice Horvath $58.1M 17
Anew Elite Realty San Jose, CA Karen Xu $58M 40
Jide Group @ Real Estate Experts San Jose, CA Jide Ogunbiyi $57.8M 40
Rivet Real Estate San Francisco, CA Priya Agrawal, Dana Cohen, Tal Klein $56.1M 32
Elevation Real Estate San Francisco, CA Eddie O'Sullivan $55M 39
Arrive Real Estate Group Danville, CA Jen Larson $55M 39
Upswing Real Estate San Jose, CA Eric Woodward, Tony Sum $53.7M 46
Rocks Realty Odessa, FL Annie Rocks $52.2M 85
Sterling Homes San Francisco, CA Dennis Stavropoulos, Anna Spathis $52.2M 19
Hustle & Heart Homes Portland, OR Emily Corning $52.1M 71
Exude Luxury Group San Diego, CA Erika Borunda $51M 19
Inspire Real Estate San Francisco, CA Dan Dodd $49.8M 30
Eastside West Alameda, CA Becky Cusack $49.6M 34
Notable Real Estate Danville, CA Tonya Colton, Raelene Sprague $48.4M 33
Sunrizon Realty Marco Island, FL Carla Masse $47.6M 62
Reference Real Estate Boston, MA Seth Williams $46.9M 77
Milestone Realty San Jose, CA Linda Baker $46.4M 33
Geva and Jane Group @ Varity Homes Arlington, VA Jane Morrison, Geva Lester $45.6M 56
Rockford Realty Pleasanton, CA Stephanie Wedge $44.9M 29
Abode Real Estate Cupertino, CA Bobby Ohadi $44.5M 29
Brushstroke Properties Mclean, VA Jay Caputo $44M 64
Leslie Peterson Team, Inc @ Evolve Real Estate Castro Valley, CA Leslie Peterson, Kristen Peterson $43.8M 36
Dream Real Estate Folsom, CA Cassandra Niklewski $43M 49
Silva & Co. Team @ Happen Houston Houston, TX Michael Silva $42.3M 82
Anchored Real Estate Group Jacksonville, FL Allison Hux Chance $42.2M 111
Reframe Tustin, CA Christina De Santis $41.5M 54
Branch Real Estate* Portland, OR Adam Kaplan $41.1M 70.9
bouHAUS Properties Newport Beach, CA Todd Bousman $41M 22
Katy Anderson + Katie Krembs Team @ California 24 Oakland, CA Katy Anderson, Katie Krembs $40.8M 29
ArtisTree Real Estate Danville, CA Ruhi Fatima Alikhan $40.4M 26
Evoke Real Estate Corte Madera, CA Courtney Ott, James Nead $40.3M 14
TenFold Real Estate San Marcos, CA Doug Davidson $38.1M 46
Vivid Realty Fairfield, CA Lizbeth Alarcon $37.2M 71
The Luminary Group Homes and Estates San Diego, CA Jeffrey Liao $37M 25
Destination Real Estate Mammoth Lakes, CA Sonja Bush $36.4M 47
Reset Real Estate Coral Springs, FL Jamie Seneca $36.4M 46
Local Insight Realty Panama City Beach, FL Beth Christie, Ramil Zartdinov $36.4M 98
Arjun Ayyar Group @ Real Estate Experts Los Gatos, CA Arjun Ayya $36.1M 20
Real Estate Resolved Glendora, CA Lori Alvarez $36.1M 70
Providential Real Estate San Diego, CA Scott Cheng $36M 42
Casa Divina Real Estate Campbell, CA Darcey K. Arena $35.7M 20
Ovation Real Estate Menlo Park, CA Maya Sewald $35.7M 16
Amanda Vang Team @ Real Estate Experts San Jose, CA Amanda Vang $35.5M 31
Mirror Real Estate Oakland, CA Rebecca Preece, Kayla Viola $35.4M 33
Rinu Real Estate Los Gatos, CA Chad West Myers $35.3M 24
Home Page Real Estate Mountain View, CA Tuan Tran, Randy Rullamas $35M 35
Platinum One Real Estate Group Pacific Grove, CA Debby Beck $35M 23
Denton & Denton Group @ Bayside Real Estate Partners Manhattan Beach, CA Kris Denton, Stephanie Denton $34.9M 26
Zen Realty Millbrae, CA April Cammarano $34.7M 20
InMOTION Real Estate Vacaville, CA Michael Martin $34.5M 57
HARTLEIGH HAUS Beverly Hills, CA Justin Leigh $34.5M 11
Meraki Real Estate Danville, CA Rica Ruiz $34.5M 24
Agam Real Estate Campbell, CA Ayelet Gingold $34.5M 20
Spinella Group @ Spoke Real Estate Sunnyvale, CA Samuel Spinella $34M 26
Alta Real Estate New York, NY Rick Kelly $34M 21
Magnolia Homes Redding, CA Stacy Baxter $33.8M 81
Manor Real Estate Marina Del Rey, CA Peter Bergman, Ty Bergman $33.3M 14
Calia Homes Piedmont, CA Carrie McAlister $33.3M 21
Clearstory Real Estate South San Francisco, CA David Healey $33M 28
WaveCrest Real Estate Irvine, CA Debbie Marie Kanehira $32.9M 28
Canopy Realty Mountain View, CA Christina Woo $32.5M 20
Salty Marlin Realty Panama City Beach, FL Patricia Wheeler, Taylor Wheeler Sauls $32.4M 47.5
Debuire International Realty Miami / Palm Beach / Ocala, FL Sandra Debuire $32.1M 72
Marin’s Finest Novato, CA Stacy Lynch, Vince Sheehan $32M 49
Kismet Real Estate Fremont, CA Sohrab Sangha $31.4M 23
SALTAIRE Coastal Homes Warrenton, OR Christy Coulombe $31.2M 60
Grove Realty Riverside, CA Marni Jimenez $30.8M 50
Define Real Estate San Diego, CA Daniel Fefferman $30.5M 22
The Condo Experts Santa Monica, CA Brian Maser $30.3M 23
Tam Realty San Anselmo, CA Kira Swaim $30.1M 16
Brumley Kaestner Group @ Real Estate Experts Sacramento, CA Brumley Kaestner $30M 28
Chroma Realty Lafayette, CA Kristina McCann $30M 25
JLUX Homes Realty Group Southlake, TX Jenevieve Croall $29.3M 57
ICON Real Estate El Dorado Hills, CA James Berg $29.2M 36
Real Estate Avenue San Jose, CA Tim Truong $29.1M 26
Score Real Estate Morgan Hill, CA Aaron Parker $29M 16
WorldView Real Estate Livermore, CA Tracey Esling, Mike D'Onofrio $28.6M 23
Localist Realty Temecula, CA Tom Bashe $28.5M 45
Bidwell Properties Alexandria, VA Sarah Brown $27.6M 35
Iota Realty Los Angeles, CA Jonathan Yuen $27.5M 35
The Front Steps San Francisco, CA Alexander Clark $27.5M 14
Province Real Estate Campbell, CA Vicky Le $27.3M 19
Anthology Real Estate Moraga, CA Megan Deverel, Kim McAtee $27.1M 20
Peace Harbor Real Estate Punta Gorda, FL Brian Burget $27.1M 35
Agent4Life Realty Tracy, CA Emad Basma $27M 4
Zest Realty San Antonio, TX Linda Zimmerhanzel $26.9M 73
Pointe Real Estate Martinez, CA Daniel Fitzpatrick $26.9M 27
Davidson Group @ Bayside Real Estate Partners Redondo Beach, CA Jennifer Davidson $26.6M 24
Kinship Real Estate Sacramento, CA Jenny Rosas $26.3M 56
First Coast Heroes Real Estate Jacksonville, FL Eric Hinojos, Katie Hinojos $26.2M 70
Edge Real Estate Agency Manhattan Beach, CA Dave Fratello $26.2M 13
Jackie & Rina, The Donell-Culligan Group @ Bayside Real Estate Partners Redondo Beach, CA Jackie Donell, Rina Culligan $26.1M 16
The McWilliams Group @ Live Wine Country Healdsburg, CA Tatiana McWilliams $26M 19
Merriment Realty Raleigh, NC Cindy Poole Roberts $25.6M 28
The Schrock Team @ Hedge Realty Petaluma, CA Margaret Schrock $25.6M 22
Coastal Legacy Realty Group Rolling Hills Estate, CA Bill Ruth, Charlie Raine $25.3M 14
River 2 Ocean Realty St Johns, FL Heather Strazinsky, Danielle Rodriguez $25.3M 52
True Inmobiliaria Fullerton, CA Albert Soto $25M 41
Rivet Real Estate Austin, TX Rosie Hayer, Roger Hayer $24.9M 57
LA Real Los Angeles, CA James Maxwell $24.8M 20
Verso Homes Laguna Niguel, CA Natalie Boyle $24.5M 37
Lineage Properties Clovis, CA Sasha Lupercio $24.4M 52
Ignite Real Estate Temecula, CA Leslie Lawson $24.1M 43
Beachwise Real Estate Clearwater, FL Tom Smith, Kristin Vincelli $24M 48
Sundial Real Estate Orlando, FL Nicole Van Treese $23.3M 60
Sterling & Associates Real Estate Elgin, TX Cecilia Whitley $20.1M 69
Framework Properties Houston, TX Brenda Hernandez $16.7M 72

*Launched on the Side platform in 2023.

Tara Shapiro at EQTY | Forbes Global Properties

America's Best

Individuals by Volume in CA #62

Tara Shapiro, co-founder


Newport Beach, CA

est. 2022


Individual agents qualified for the list by closing a minimum of 40 transactions or $16 million in volume.

Tara Shapiro Newport Beach, CA EQTY | Forbes Global Properties $137.2M 23
Tyler Stewart Sausalito, CA Heath Real Estate $79.9M 31.5
Therese Swan* San Jose, CA The Swan Real Estate* $73.3M 31
Sonny James San Jose, CA Compound Real Estate $72.8M 49
Christina Khosrowabadi Los Gatos, CA Redefine Real Estate $51.7M 24
Tad Baltzer Huntington Beach, CA Triibe Real Estate $49.6M 6
Bitsa Freeman Kentfield, CA Boulevard Marin Real Estate $46.4M 11
Corey Robinson San Rafael, CA Journey Real Estate $44.9M 30
Bradley Bevers Chappell Hill, TX Legend Texas Properties $44.8M 39
Chris DeNike Larkspur, CA Madrone Homes $44.5M 17
Chuck Gillooley San Carlos, CA Ektra Real Estate $42.9M 17
Lucrecia Arana Lindemann Sunny Isle Beach, FL Destaca Real Estate $41.8M 24
Bruce Warzoha* Pompano Beach, FL Coastal Real Estate Co.* $39.6M -
Elena Konstantine Johal San Francisco, CA Tenacity Real Estate $37.6M 23
Marco A Tine Miami Beach, FL Casa Collection Realty $37.3M 13
Brielle Bacal Beverly Hills, CA World Of Luxury Estates $36.8M 36
Sandra Tuttle Summerland Key, FL Island Welcome Real Estate $34.7M 31.5
Tammi Cotti Malibu, CA Unvarnished $34M 1
Christophe Heldoorn West Hollywood, CA The Niche $33.9M 34
Kristen Kitaji Carmel, CA IKONIK Realty $33.5M 28
Barrett Raven Austin, TX Harpeth Realty $33M 58
Dana Cataldi Los Angeles, CA Gather Homes $32.7M 26
Laura Blossey Bend, OR Avenir Realty $31.2M 27
Lizzie Helmig Alexandria, VA metroHouse $31.1M 62
Cheryl Bateman Miramar Beach, FL Rock-It Real Estate $30.3M 50
Payal Ramsisaria Sunnyvale, CA Real Estate Experts $30.3M 18
Meadow Davis* Manzanita, OR Home + Sea Realty* $28.6M -
Tania De Jesus Miami Beach, FL KaYan Group $27.8M 13
Matthew Burgan Leonardtown, MD Infinitas Realty $27.2M 80.5
Khani Zulu Austin, TX Curated Collective RE $26.2M 41
Annette Boggs Carmel, CA Above and Beyond Real Estate $26M 26
Terel Beppu Sunnyvale, CA Beppu Group $25.5M 12
Susan Schall* Pleasanton, CA Park46 Real Estate* $25.1M -
Keith Offord San Anselmo, CA Ross Valley Real Estate $25M 17
Marquise Murphy San Mateo, CA Mpire Luxe Real Estate $25M 12
Kimberly Koll San Diego, CA Heritage Homes San Diego $24.6M 17
Ling Beh Pasadena, CA Strive Real Estate $24.1M 23
Dana Carmel Menlo Park, CA Represent Realty $23.7M 11
Gernelle Bokuniewicz Debary, FL Lively Real Estate $21.6M 52
Romy Campbell Santa Rosa, CA Wine Country Fine Homes $21.2M 22
Scott Sans Danville, CA Black Rose Real Estate $21.1M 17
Tamar Asken Los Angeles, CA Parasol Realty $21M 15
Christopher Ryder* West Hollywood, CA Paraclete Real Estate* $20.8M -
Brian Mason Arlington, VA Signature Move Real Estate $20.6M 46
John Babai Tustin, CA Arc Realty $20.1M 17
Beth Mulvey Panama City Beach, FL Beach House Sales and Development $19.2M 38
John Bretthauer Sunnyvale, CA Real Estate Experts $19.1M 10
Joseph Chiavatti Tustin, CA Palm & Ridge Real Estate $18.8M 16
Keith Gilbert Folsom, CA Focus Real Estate $18.7M 22
Tara Lyall New Smyrna Beach, FL The High Tide Group $18.2M 25
Elisabeth Mailhot Dana Point, CA Whitestone Home Collection $18.2M 27
Jessa Walsh San Jose, CA Reach Real Estate $18.2M 16
Suzi Trinidad Redlands, CA Element 39 Properties $18.2M 38
Shannon Paul Long Beach, CA Zaia Estates $18.1M 23
Charles Homet* Manhattan, NY Archpoint Advisory Team* $18M -
Mary DeVries San Francisco, CA Abacus Real Estate $18M 10
Cynthia Cheung Sunnyvale, CA About Real Estate $18M 11
Deborah Vance Imperial Beach, CA Radiant Realty $17.9M 21
Jayson Wingfield* Arlington, VA Stonely Realty* $17.7M -
Robyn Webb Laguna Niguel, CA Vision Real Estate & Design $17.2M 13
Ed Dee Los Gatos, CA Sanctuary Real Estate $17.1M 16
Chris Bath Morro Bay, CA Coast Realty $16.8M 18
Michael Mena Newport Beach, CA Mythos Real Estate $16.8M 8
Oscar Hernandez Houston, TX The Advisory Real Estate and Development $16.7M 32
Catherine Sawatsky Fresno, CA Cygnus Estates $16.6M 38
Jean Tenore Los Gatos, CA Real Estate Experts $16.6M 7
Erik Chavez Long Beach, CA Victoria Street Real Estate $16M 16
Kelly Chavers Tallahassee, FL Hum Real Estate $10.4M 40

*Launched on the Side platform in 2023.

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