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Top New York City Team Launches Modern and Inclusive Company CITY SPHERE

Highly accomplished real estate professionals Nikolay and Yuliya Afanasyev have started their own company, CITY SPHERE, to bring a new perspective to New York City real estate after being one of the top teams in Keller Williams NYC as well as ranking #49 on the Wall Street Journal Real Trends Ranking for mid-size teams in NYC.

CITY SPHERE was designed to be the only premier subscription-based real estate brokerage in New York City, growing to a national network of over 4,000 top-producing agents.

Recognizing that many real estate agents are seeking a middle ground between 100% commission companies and traditional big-box brokerages. CITY SPHERE’s solution is a subscription-based model, offering three tiers of subscriptions to attract a wide audience of potential agents.

Unlike many other brokerages that impose significant downward pressure on commission rates, CITY SPHERE’s subscription model aims to alleviate this burden, allowing agents to focus on their growth and success. Where some other brokerages neglect new and intermediate agents, CITY SPHERE understands the importance of providing comprehensive guidance, education and training that allows those agents to have an opportunity to excel.

Nikolay and Yuliya both rose to prominence in real estate after starting their careers from scratch almost 10 years ago. Nikolay discovered his passion for real estate after being a professional tennis player in Spain. His experiences abroad allows him to connect with diverse clientele and effectively navigate market complexities and negotiations fluently in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Yuliya’s business experience and personal touch helped navigating even the most complex deals in NYC. Additionally, she is a very strong and compassionate listing agent and leader for the team. Julia is licensed in both New York and New Jersey and is also a member of the International Entrepreneurs Organization.

Through the partnership with Side, CITY SPHERE agents will have access to extensive career-building resources, including top-of-the-line technology and a national network of 600 market-leading boutique real estate companies.

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